Angelina's Restaurant at Porto Fluviale


Tiramisu in a jar 8.00
Baileys-scented pistachio tiramisu 8.00
Cheese cake 8.00
Crumble cake 8.00
Mississippi mud pie 8.00
Panna cotta with red berries 8.00
Cake of the day 8.00
Mixed assortment by Angelina 6.00


Still water 1.50
Sparkling water 1.50
Soft drinks 2.50
Glass of wine 5.00/8.00
Cappuccino 3.00
Caffè Aiello 2.00
Amaro 3.00
Grappa 4.00/6.00
Limoncello 3.00
Cover charge 1.50


Zucchini blossoms 4.00
Fried codfish 6.00
Sicilian panelle 3.00
Supplì Roman syle (rice croquettes) 3.00
Pandorato (egg-dipped fried bread) 2.00
A tempura of seasonal vegetables 6.00
Fried anchovies 6.00

SOONER or... Later

Organic cured stracchino cheese from Casale Nibbi 10.00
grilled with vegetables
Meatballs cooked in three ways 10.00
Fried eggs with peas 8.00
Fried lamb ribs 15.00
Octopus salad and grilled baked potatoes 13.00
Buffalo mozzarella from Campania 12.00
with confit tomatoes or hand-sliced ham
Eggplant parmigiana 10.00
A small pan of peppers, sauteed potatoes 8.00
and cardoncello mushrooms

Angelina STARTER for 2 18.00

Our BREAD - seasoned and toasted

with lardo di Colonnata 10.00
and chestnut honey
With goat cheese ham 10.00
and aromatic herbs
With pecorino cheese 10.00
and chopped dried fruits
With ricotta cheese 10.00
yellow confit tomatoes pistachio and honey

Home-made PASTA

Gnocco alla romana (Roman semolina gnocchi) cooked in three ways 12.00
Spaghetti butter and anchovies 12.00
Spaghetti carbonara 12.00
Tonnarelli cacio e pepe (pecorino cheese and pepper) 12.00
Mezze maniche Amatriciana 12.00
Ravioli stuffed with burrata and pachino tomatoes 14.00
with tomato sauce and basil
Strozzapreti with seasonal vegetables 12.00
crispy guanciale (cured hog jowl) and flakes of pecorino cheese
Risotto with catch of the day 15.00


Beef rolls with plums and guanciale 15.00
Roast lamb with potatoes 14.00
Raw meat, Tartare of chianina meat 18.00
carpaccio and a salad of meat rags with citrus fruits
Codfish Roman style 15.00
Rabbit cacciatora 16.00
Catch of the day 20.00


Vignarola (vegetable stew) 8.00
Salad in anchovies dressing 7.00
Spinach with raisins and pine nuts 7.00
Chicken salad 8.00
Arugula bresaola and flakes of parmesan cheese 8.00
Green salad 6.00


Roast potatoes 6.50
Sauteed chicory 6.00
Chicory in sour dressing 6.00
Butter-sauteed spinach 6.00
Spinach in sour dressing 6.00
Grilled seasonal vegetables € 6.00 6.00


Italian cold cuts and cheeses 18.00
- Coppa di testa San Rocco in a citrus fruits flavour
- Traditional mortadella San Rocco with pistachio
- Lonza (cured pork) San Rocco
- Corallina p.s. San Rocco
- Bassiano ham with bone
- Fresh organic pecorino cheese
- Semi-cured organic caciotta cheese
- Giuncà gianduiotto cheese

Angelina restaurant in Testaccio - Rome

Angelina restaurant in Testaccio - Rome
Angelina restaurant in Testaccio, is sited in Rome in Via Galvani, 24/a in front of the old slaughterhouse on one side and overlooking Monte dei Cocci on the other, and on the other side of the old market square...

For reservations call: +390657283840


Angelina restaurant in Trevi - Roma

Angelina restaurant in Trevi - Roma
Angelina restaurant in Trevi, is sited in Rome in Via Poli 27 a romantic coffee-tavern, a short walk from the Trevi Fountain.

For reservations call: +39066797274


Angelina Restaurant at Porto Fluviale

Angelina Restaurant at Porto Fluviale

From 7.30 AM till late in the evening, we serve lunch, dinner and rich breakfasts, not to mention our cocktails.
For reservations, call +390643688415